V  F  X   F  i  l  m  o  g  r  a  p  h  y


H     A     I     L           T     O           T     H     E           C     H     I     E     F

This portrait series reflects the fun house nature of the American political process. The circus-like spectacle distorts details of the individuals seeking the prime office. Our relation to them is mainly from the many facets of historical representation and media coverage. Their exalted placement conjures a synthetic character, which becomes warped as it is consumed by the world. This feeds the base of American mythology and the drive of current campaigns.

The fight for control plays out on the public stage, triggering a national identity crisis. Attacks and propaganda distort reality, twisting these most famous of faces. Strings pulled for posturing position, propping up the most promised person at the helm. A side step song and dance, juggling talking points and agenda. A pageant of manufactured personality. Placing in the public eye a poster picture of power and promise.




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