Frank Synowicz is a multidisciplinary new media/digital artist and designer working with Computer graphics, visual effects, video, virtual reality, and traditional painting and drawing. In 2006 Synowicz graduated, with honors, form the College for Creative studies in Detroit, MI. He was named senior select for being the top student in his class. Upon graduation he immediately started working in the film and television industry as a Visual Effects artist. 

Currently at Picture Shop, Burbank, Synowicz brings together his fascination with technology, art, science, and film to solve creative puzzles and develop new techniques in the art of digital image construction. 

 In addition to his film, television, and commercial work, Synowicz has exhibited as a fine artist sharing his paintings, drawings, and digital work with audiences through a number of successful solo and group shows. He is currently represented by the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA), where he is a member artist displaying digital prints and video art on a monthly basis

 Located in the heart of the Historic Core in  Downtown Los Angeles.

Follow him on Instagram: @franksynowicz